Innocent Eye

What would it take to forget what we know, to abandon or rearrange the way in which we insist upon seeing the world? The proposed publication, Innocent Eye, aims to guide its readers to see their creative world in a new way.

Anais Nin wrote “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” Perhaps it is possible to regain some sense of wonder. Cultivating an innocent eye is like learning to balance, simple yet elusive. Instructions help but ultimately over thinking it can backfire. Sometimes found by losing it, it is impossible to locate without lifting one foot. An innocent eye takes practice too, but can only be perfected by changing your focus.

The following comps are designed for proposal purposes only and are not intended for publication or sale. All images are pending permission or purchase. Please do not copy or distribute. The design and copy included in the sample are copyrighted by Jennifer Griffin.

Download the book here.

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