Graduate Thesis: This Is Water

How can design mitigate the effects of chronic stress among high school students?


This Is Water, is examining chronic stress on high school students and what design can do to help mitigate the psychological and physiological effects of that stress. Reid Henkel and I partnered with The Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management, to create a ten week program that uses Reflective Making (form-giving & storytelling) techniques to increase students’ awareness about the effects of their stress (what it does, says, feels, and thinks) on both themselves and others in their lives. By engaging students in conversations with their stress they will be better equipped to thrive in this world because if you can change the way you see your stress you can change the stress you see.

This Is Water from Kelly L. Anderson on Vimeo.

A 10 week scaffolded curriculum focused on students’ awareness of the effects of stress on themselves and others through form-giving and storytelling techniques.

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