Pop-Up Roubaix

By facilitating conversations among the residents and the students focused on what the community has, what they would need, and what  – knowledge share occurPop Up Roubaix_Page_1.jpgPop Up Roubaix_Page_2.jpg

Pop-Up Roubaix is a design proposal that was entered in the Lille / Design for Change contest in March 2014. Chosen for a design residency Fall 2014, the proposal investigated how we can utilize the community of Roubaix – Le Pile (France) to provide greater mobility for universal access to public services. We designed a skills and knowledge share pop-up shop in order to bridge the gap between generations within this industrial town in France.

These conversations aided the use of a Community Action Plan, a methodology designed to communicate information, identify needs, and lay the groundwork for community action to solve problems and provide services.

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