How might anyone turn everyday objects into modes of communication?Splatter.jpg

Acting as a ground marking instrument, Splatter is made to be used for immediate, temporary communication to first responders. The user simply fills the paper origami vessel with water, and adds household substances (such as cayenne pepper and chili powder) to create dyes for physical marking. Given a corresponding color code, the user can dye water Red to communicate emergency health needs; yellow for lack of food; blue if water is contaminated and are in need of purified drinking water; and green to communicate to responders if all is Okay. By using existing aerial photography, first responderscan quickly assess the most immediate needs within a community.

Splatter from Kelly L. Anderson on Vimeo.

When natural disaster hits, information becomes muddled. People are, in themselves, information resources. They can use any object to disseminate that valuable information.

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